SpiralWorks by Artists Heather Kerner
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Artist Statement


SpiralWorks Artist Heather KernerI have learned over the years that there is a meditative quality to a repetitive craft which can be nourishing to the spirit and be deeply relaxing. As a pediatric occupational therapist, I often spend my professional time helping to nurture the uniqueness, creativity, and independence in children with developmental challenges as they learn to play, go to school, and care for themselves. One of the tenets of my profession is the importance of creating balance between work, self-care, and leisure. While I have the unique opportunity to discuss this concept with the families with whom I work, I am deeply committed to achieving a healthy balance of activities in my own life. Craft has always been replenishing for me.

My love of hand crafts was cultivated growing up among the artist culture on the coast of Maine. I have dabbled in traditional and unique basketry, beading, pottery, knitting, figure drawing, and quilting; always excited to discover a new medium! When I learned to felt, in an attempt to create a vessel with structural integrity, it seemed only natural to find a way to incorporate my favorite elements from other media. The functional potential in using a natural and renewable resource such as wool excites me! It is a material that offers an appreciation of Nature, centuries of functional and primitive uses, and the opportunity for unique design. The mountain peoples of Mongolia who fashion their yurt homes and syrmak carpets from wool, as well as the Turkish traditions of multi-color knitting designs are an inspiration!

Most recently, I have been exploring the joy of color! I am addicted to experimenting with different vibrant color combinations and their effects on my emotion, especially with the changing of the seasons. I am attracted to forms that resemble pottery, and detail that draws the eye in for a second look. My goal is to use the strength in felted wool to make a durable, yet beautiful container for frequently used or treasured objects. More recently, I am dabbling in whimsical hats and wool textiles for jewelry! "As you begin your life in the world, intertwining the past and weaving one future, may your fabric be especially strong. May your pattern be unusually beautiful."

Heather Kerner


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